Deluxe Donation Stand

The uniquely designed Deluxe Donation Stand makes fundraising fun! The Deluxe Donation Stand is ideal for museums, galleries, theaters, hospitals, banks, churches, charities, companies with fundraising campaigns, aquariums and zoos. Coins are dropped into any one of four slots. Watch them wind their way down into the money depository area at the bottom. As the money collects, it forms an eye-catching “money wall”. Signage can be inserted at the top, with a graphic created by using our online template. (Click here for templates).

• Dynamic action field with two channels for coins to travel through
• Four coin slots, the lower two easy for young children to reach
• Two slots for bills
• Weighted and securable base
• Made of sturdy ABS and PETG plastics
• Easy assembly – instructions included
• Secured collections – unique lock and key included
• Optional lock and chain allow attachment to a fixed object for additional security.

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